Who are we ?

Welcome to the website of the GATE-LAB platform in behavioral and experimental economics!

GATE is a research unit in economics (UMR 5824) affiliated with CNRS, University Lyon 2, University Lyon 1, University St. Etienne, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, and a member of the CORTEX Laboratory of Excellence (Construction, Cognitive Function and Rehabilitation of the Cortex).

GATE-LAB was established in 2015. It provides advanced facilities for researchers of GATE who conduct experiments on decision-making. These experiments allow researchers to develop research programs in behavioral economics. On this website, you can register to participate in experiments, find information on our seminars and publications, and discover our members.

GATE is ranked among the top 5% institutions worldwide in the field of Experimental Economics according to the IDEAS field ranking and it is ranked second in France.



BehavLab is a behavioral laboratory dedicated to the study of individual and group decision-making.

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EyeTrackLab is an eye-tracking laboratory for the control of eye gaze and pupil size with z control of temperature, acoustics and light.

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PhysioLab is dedicated to the recording of physiological responses (skin conductance, heart rate) during decision-making.

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MobilLab is a mobile laboratory for the conduct of behavioral experiments in the field (companies, schools…).

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