NOTE: All seminars are usually held in the Council Room at 11am.

Please see the calendar below for details or contact the organizer Fabio Galeotti at


Research in behavioral economics at GATE-LAB benefits from several seminar series:

The GATE-LAB seminar series
These seminars are for external guests and can cover any topic in behavioral and experimental economics.

The Behavioral Ethics seminar series
These seminars are for external guests from any field in social sciences as long as the research concerns ethical decision-making and behavior.

The BEERS (Behavioral and Experimental Economics Seminars) seminar series
These are informal meetings (open to all GATE-LAB members and PhD students) where researchers can present their projects in behavioral and experimental economics and get feedback from the others.


Next events

16 Nov

BEERS seminar

  • Seminar

Salvatore di Falco (University of Geneva) - Poverty and Self Esteem Individual  self-esteem  levels  were  elicited  using... Read more

23 Nov

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

John Hamman (Florida State University) - Delegation and Team Selection Abstract: We model a managerial decision environment in which a manager both... Read more

30 Nov

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

Fortuna Casoria (GATE) - TBA Read more

05 Dec

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

Jeroen van de Ven (University of Amsterdam) - The Strategic Display of Emotions Abstract: The emotion that someone expresses has consequences for how... Read more

05 Dec

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

Ivan Soraperra (University of Amsterdam) - TBA Read more

17 Jan

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

Dirk Sliwka (University of Cologne) - TBA Read more

18 Jan

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

Thijs Brouwer (Tilburg University) - TBA Read more

07 Feb

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

Georg Kirchsteiger (Université Libre de Bruxelles) - TBA Read more

08 Feb

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

Séverine Toussaert (University of Oxford) - TBA Read more

14 Feb

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Workshop

Jan Potters (Tilburg University) - TBA Read more

15 Feb

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

Vanessa Valero (University of Zurich) - TBA Read more

01 Mar

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

Luigi Butera (University of Copenhagen) - TBA Read more

14 Mar

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

Boris van Leeuwen (Tilburg University) - TBA Read more

15 Mar

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

Jean-Philippe Lachaux (Lyon Neuroscience Research Center) - Neuroeducation : a possible solution to the attention crisis ? The example of ATOLE : a... Read more

25 Mar

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

Axel Ockenfels (University of Cologne) - TBA Read more

17 May

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

Sebastian Fehrler (University of Konstanz) - TBA Read more

27 May

GATE-LAB seminar

  • Seminar

Kai Konrad (Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance) - TBA Read more

Previous events


GATE-LAB seminars:

November, 7: Vernon Smith (Chapman University) - Learning from Experiments that Fail to Confirm Beliefs: Three Cases

November, 5: Ingar K. Haaland (Norwegian School of Economics) - Beliefs about Behavioral Responses to Taxation

October, 26: Nikos Nikiforakis (NYU Abu Dhabi) - Are mothers less willing to compete than others?

October, 10: Agne Kajackaite (WZB Berlin) - Poverty negates the impact of social norms on cheating

October, 1: Olivier L’Haridon (University of Rennes) - An Effective and Simple Tool for Measuring Loss Aversion

September, 12: Daniel J. Zizzo (Newcastle University) - Does exposure to violence affect reciprocity? Experimental evidence from the West Bank

July, 5: Elias Lafi Khalil (Monash University) - Naturalizing the Sacred

June, 21: Eugen Dimant (University of Pennsylvania) - Feel the Power of the Dark Side: On the Evolution of Norm Erosion

June, 21: Glenn Dutcher (Ohio University) - Uncovering the Positive Effects of Diversity in Creative Teams

June, 5: Michalis Drouvelis (University of Birmingham) - The Effects of Feedback Quality on Workers' Performance

June, 1: Gabriele Camera (Chapman University) - Endogenous Market Formation and Monetary Trade: an Experiment

May, 31: Arno Riedl (Maastricht University) - How unfair chances and gender discrimination affect labor supply

May, 30: Peter Kuhn (University of California, Santa Barbara) - Gender-Targeted Job Ads in the Recruitment Process:Evidence from China

May, 28: Randolph Sloof (University of Amsterdam) - Media bias and elections: An experimental study

May, 24: Min Zhu (Beijing Normal University) - The formation of partnerships in social networks

May, 3: Mikhail Freer (KU Leuven) - Collective Experimentation: A Laboratory Study

April, 27: Christiane Schwieren (University of Heidelberg) - The effect of experience on social norm perception in laboratory experiment participants

April, 12: Rachel Kranton (Duke University) - Deconstructing Group Bias

April, 11: Matthias Sutter (University of Cologne) - Driving to the Beat: reputation vs selection in the taxi market

April, 5: Agne Kajackaite (WZB Berlin) - Lying about luck versus lying about performance

March, 27: Sigrid Suetens (Tilburg University) - Return to trust is lower for immigrants

March, 23: Krista Saral (Webster University Geneva) - The Value of Consensus: An Experimental Analysis of Costly Pre-Vote Communication

March, 9: Alexia Gaudeul (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen) - The social preferences of democratically elected decision-makers: fairer, but sometimes at the cost of efficiency

March, 1: Botond Koszegi (CEU, Budapest) - Browsing versus Studying: A Pro-Market Case for Regulation

January, 25: Paolo Crosetto (GAEL) - Eliciting fast & slow choices: an experimental tool and two applications

BEERS seminars:

October, 5: João V. Ferreira (GATE) - The effect of group deliberation on redistributive preferences

June, 6: Julien Benistant (GATE) - Decision, emotional exposure and sophistication

March, 30: Camille Massey (Institut Paul Bocuse) - Impact of time constraints on food choice in the workplace

February, 16: Maxime Le Bihan (GATE) - On the relationship between behavioral preferences and job search: insights from survey data

February, 15: Catherine Bros-Bobin (Université Paris-Est Marne La Vallée) - Discaste: lab in the field experiment on caste identity

February, 2: Mathilde Godard (GATE) - Tight labour-market, tight marriage market? Graduating in a recession and family outcomes


GATE-LAB seminars:

December, 1: Chia-Jung Tsay (UCL) - The Visual Judgment of Performance

November, 27: Marco Casari (University of Bologna) - Money is More than Memory

October, 27: John Hamman (Florida State University) - Fool Me Once: An Experiment on Credibility and Leadership

October, 4: Dionissi Aliprantis (The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland) - Differences of Opinion

September 28: Peter Katuščák (RWTH Aachen University) - How to Boost Revenues in First-Price Auctions? The Magic of Disclosing Only Winning Bids from Past Auctions

September 11: Robert Dur (Erasmus University Rotterdam) - Team Incentives, Social Cohesion, and Performance : A Natural Field Experiment

July, 7: Sudipta Sarangi (Virginia Tech) - Electoral College: A Multibattle Contest with Complementarities

July, 3: Chloe Tergiman (Penn State University) - Preferences for Power

June, 12: Jordi Brandts (Barcelona GSE) - Deliberative structures and their impact on voting behavior under social conflict

June, 1: James Andreoni (University of California, San Diego), When Fair Isn’t Fair: Sophisticated Time Inconsistency in Social Preferences

May, 12: Ingela Alger (Toulouse School of Economics), Do informal transfers induce lower e fforts? Evidence from lab-in-the-fi eld experiments in rural Mexico

May, 11: Lata Gangadharan (Monash University), Paternalistic Giving: Restricting Recipient Choice

May, 9:  David Dickinson (Appalachian State University), Sleep Restriction and Time‐of‐Day Impacts on Simple Social Interaction

May, 5: Yan Chen (University of Michigan), Identity and Impact in Public Goods Contributions: A field experiment on Wikipedia

May, 5: Philip Grossman (Monash University), The influence of leader reputation on followers’ response to cheap talk messages

May, 4: Joseph Vecci (University of Gothenburg), Do Gender Quotas Damage Hierarchical Relationships? Experimental Evidence from Labor Market Experiments

May 3: Julie Rosaz (Université de Montpellier, LAMETA), Truth Telling under Oath

April, 26: Arno Riedl (Maastricht University), Market Interaction and Efficient Cooperation

April 24: Charles Bellemare (Université Laval), Self-confidence, material consequences, and subjective performance evaluations

April 10: Aldo Rustichini (University of Minnesota), Biological Foundation of Economic Analysis

April 3: Tor Eriksson (University of Aarhus) gategattGender Stereotyping and Self-stereotyping Attitudes : A Large Field Study of Managers

March 17: Loukas Balafoutas (University of Innsbruck), Incentives for dishonesty: An experimental study with internal auditors

February, 17: Daniele Nosenzo (University of Nottingham), Peer effects in norm compliance

February, 9: Olivier Armantier (Federal Reserve Bank of New York - Discount Window Stigma: An Experimental Investigation

February, 7: Anders Poulsen (University of East Anglia) - How Strong are the Attraction and Compromise Effects in Bargaining? Experimental Evidence

February 2: Christian Thöni (University of Lausanne) - Cultural origins of cooperation: The permeability of societies

January 10: Frédéric Schneider (Yale University) - The unrealized value of centralization for coordination

Behavioral Ethics seminars:

September 29: Diego Gambetta (European University Institute) - Sharing Compromising Information: can ‘criminals’ cooperate in the lab?

March 16: Johannes Abeler (University of Oxford) - Preferences for truth-telling

BEERS seminars:

November, 10: Julien Benistant (GATE) - Decision, emotional exposure and sophistication

November, 10: Thomas Garcia (GATE) - Altruistic behaviors confronted to the different aspects of uncertainty

October, 20: Marina Chugunova (University of Hamburg) - Production consequences of taxation and donation

October, 13: Sophie Cêtre (Sciences Po Paris) - A choice experiment on the elicitation of preferences over income distributions

September, 28: Vincent Théroude (GATE) - David vs Goliath: How to allocate limited public resources among heterogeneous agents?

September, 4: Hui Xu (Beijing Normal University) - The spillover effects of emotion expression on decision-making

June, 15: Ambroise Descamps (Queensland University of Technology) - An experiment on the causal effect of winning in dynamic contests

April, 18: Liza Charroin (GATE) - Endogenous network formation and criminality

April, 7: Eva Raiber (Toulouse School of Economics) - The Role of Cheating Opportunities and Beliefs in a 2-Persons Trading Game

March, 15: Eugenia Polizzi (JRC) - Obesity, Risk Attitudes and Metabolic Changes: an Experimental Approach

March, 10: Marion Dupoux (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense) - Beyond perfect substitutability in public good games: heterogeneous structures of preferences

January, 27: Fabio Galeotti (GATE) - On the Trade-Off between Political Preferences and Quality in Voting Decisions

Other events:

October, 24-25: 2nd GATE-Lab Workshop on Social Norms and Moral Norms


GATE-LAB seminars:

November 28: Philip Brookins (MPI for Research on Collective Goods) - Leading by example in group contests with and without complementarities

November 21: Nobuyuki Hanaki (Université Nice Sophia Antipolis) - The strategic environment effect in beauty contest games

November, 9: Benedikt Herrmann (European Union) - Applying insights from behavioural economics to policy making experiences

November 2: Mikhail Freer (George Mason University) - A Revealed Preferences Test of Quasi-Linear Preferences

October 28: Ferdinand Von Siemens (University of Frankfurt) - Gender Diversity and Social Signaling

September 19: Fabrice Le Lec (Université Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) - Choice or information overload?

September, 5: Peter Bossaerts (University of Melbourne) - Competitive O-equilibrium : Theory and Experiment

June, 23: Michael Kuhn (University of Oregon) - Starting Small: Endogenous Stakes and Rational Cooperation

May, 27: James Tremewan (University of Vienna) - An offer you CAN refuse: the effect of transparency with endogenous conflict of interest

May, 20: David Hugh-Jones (University of East Anglia) - Expropriation of free-riders and minorities: Theory, history and an experiment

May, 4: Luis Santos Pinto (Université de Lausanne) - How do Beliefs about Skill Affect Risky Decisions

April, 28: Sasha Vostroknutov (University of Trento) - Norms in Games and Sharing Attitudes in Self-Proclaimed Left and Right

April 11: Robert Slonim (University of Sydney) - Redesigning Markets for Blood Donations : A Blood Donation Registry

April, 8: Ellen Garbarino (University of Sydney) - Waiting to Give: Stated and Revealed Preferences

March, 24: Nikos Nikiforakis (New York University in Abu Dhabi) - Social Change and the Conformity Trap

January 25: Benoît Tarroux (Université de Rennes 1 et CREM) - On attitude towards choice: Some experimental evidence of choice aversion

January, 15: Lionel Page (Queensland University of Technology) - Wimbledon Revisited

January, 13: Michal Krawczyk (University of Warsaw) - Time Pressure and Risk Taking in Auctions: A Field Experiment

Behavioral Ethics seminars:

December, 13: Marie Claire Villeval (GATE) - Loss Aversion and lying behavior: Theory, estimation and empirical evidence

June, 22: Claude Fluet (Université Laval, Québec) - Social Norms and Legal Design

March, 18: Roberto Galbiati (CNRS and Sciences Po) - Earthquakes, Religion, and Transition to Self-Government in Italian Cities

BEERS seminars:

December 19: Valeria Maggian (GATE) - Group Identity in a Credence Good Market

November, 18: Seongmin Park (Cognitive Neuroscience Centre) - Neural computations of strategic decision-making in the volunteer's dilemma

November, 17: Charlotte Saucet (GATE) - Motivated Memory in a binary dictator game: experimental evidences

October, 28: Samuel Kembou Nzale (Aix-Marseille School of Economics) - TBA

September, 30: Mateus Joffily (GATE) - In quest of the neurocomputational underpinning of decision confidence

September, 23: Rémi Suchon (GATE) - Do Image Spillovers Deter Dishonesty?

September, 16: Julien Benistant (GATE) - Stealing for Money or for Status

March, 24: Valeria Maggian (GATE) - Getting to the top: affirmative actions in multistage tournaments

March, 2: Vincent Theroude (GATE) - Cooperation in a risky world

Other events:

November, 8: "Nudges: an instrument for policy-makers?", The Economic Days

October, 12-14: Lyon Active Inference Workshop


GATE-LAB seminars:

December, 2: Salvatore di Falco (University of Geneva) - Avoiding the Network Tax: Social Pressure and Labour Sharing in Village Economies

November, 19: Eli Spiegelman (Vanier College) - Evolution of preferences in the lab: an indirect evolutionary approach to emergent norms of trustworthiness

November, 13: Anett John (CREST and ENSAE) - When Commitment Fails - Evidence from a Regular Saver Product in the Philippines

November, 12: Anders Poulsen (University of East Anglia) - Real-time bargaining, payoff focality, and coordination complexity

September, 21: Maria Bigoni (University of Bologna) - Money and cooperation in large-scale societies

June, 19: Radu Vranceanu (ESSEC) - Gender Interactions in Team Production: Performance and Punishment

June, 5: Jonathan Goupille (PSE) - Behavioral responses to inheritance tax: evidence from notches in France

June, 4: Jean-Robert Tyran (University of Vienna) - Motivated to Vote? Information Aggregation and the Dividend of Democracy

May, 13: Dorothea Kubler (WZB, Bonn) - College Admissions with Entrance Exams: Centralized versus Decentralized

May, 12: David Dickinson (Appalachian State University) - Sleep Restriction, Circadian Mismatch, and Decision Making: Preliminary Results from an Ecologically Valid Sleep Manipulation Protocol

April, 13: Valeria Maggian (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca) - The wrong man for the job, biased beliefs and job mismatching

April, 7: Jeroen van de Ven (University of Amsterdam) - The Sources of the Communication Gap

March, 24: Changcheng Song (National University of Singapore) - An experiment on reference points and expectations

Behavioral Ethics seminars:

June, 18: Lata Gangadharan (Monash University) - Regulatory Performance of Audit Tournaments and Compliance Observability

June, 2: Marie Claire Villeval (CNRS, GATE) - Can transparency of information reduce embezzlement?

April, 2: Zhixin Dai (CNRS, GATE) - On the Efficiency of Crackdowns: a Lab-in-the-field Experiment

BEERS seminars:

November, 20: Anca Mihut (GATE) - Equity Considerations and Pricing Instruments in a Common Pool Resource Dilemma

October, 30: Zhixin Dai (GATE) - On the Optimal Design of Crackdowns: Theory and Experimental Evidence

October, 23: Marie Claire Villeval (GATE) - Publishing experimental economics papers

October,9: Rémi Suchon (GATE) - The impact of social mobility on distributive behaviors and trust : an experimental design

September, 24: Ana Jianu (GATE) -

September, 18: Philipp Schwartenbeck Salzburg and UCL -

April, 10: Zhixin Dai (GATE) - The efficiency of crackdowns: A lab-in-thefield experiment in public transportations

March, 27: Julien Benistant (GATE) - An Introductory Lecture on Neurosciences I

March, 6: Anca Mihut (GATE) - Equity Considerations in Dealing with a Common Pool Resource Dilemma

February, 27: Adam Zylbersztejn (GATE) - Gender predicts intuition in moral dilemmas

Other events:

October, 16-17: 1st GATE-Lab Workshop on Social Norms and Moral Norms

October, 13-15: Economic Days (Journées de l’Economie, JECO)

September, 25: Grande Expérience Participative during the European Night of Research