Ticket inspection and (dis)honesty: a study on bus passengers in Lyon

An article of Ca'Foscari University of Venice also published on Science Codex and Phys.org Read more

La plateforme expérimentale Gate-Lab

RCH RCH, n° 1, Janvier 2021, pp. 38-39 Read more

Comment oublions-nous nos mauvaises actions ?

Marie Claire Villeval, Curieux, 21 janvier 2021 Read more

A new Bonn-Göteborg-Lyon-Vienna Workshop will be held virtually at the following dates:

21 April, 19 May, 09 June, from 10-12am.The workshop will consist of invited presentations by PhD students and post-docs from the different... Read more

COVID-19 : l’isolement obligatoire des malades écarté

Fabio Galeotti, Huffington Post, le 10/12/20 Read more

Est-on déjà déconfinés ?

Marie Claire Villeval, Débat Neumamm-Lechypre sur RMC, 4 décembre 2020 Read more