Call for Applications : "Attraction Package" - Laboratory of Excellency CORTEX (University of Lyon - France)

To favour development of new teams, CORTEX is inviting applications from outstanding junior or established individuals for a 3-year package of 500... Read more

Prize for the Best Paper of ASFEE

The Prize for the Best Paper of ASFEE (French Association of Experimental Economics has been) 2015 has been awarded to the paper intitled "The... Read more

GATE-LAB presse

Quand l’économie s’intéresse à nos comportements, Journal du CNRS, 14 avril 2016Comment lutter plus efficacement contre la fraude dans les transports... Read more


Robert Slonim and Ellen Garbarino will be visiting the GATE-LAB on April 3rd to Apr 24th and June 6th-June 26th.       ... Read more