Marie Claire Villeval

Research Professor, CNRS / Director of GATE-LAB

E-mail: Telephone: + 33 (0) 4 72 86 60 79


Behavior, Incentives, Dishonesty, Social Preferences, Public Economics

Marie Claire Villeval is Research Professor at CNRS and member of the CORTEX laboratory of excellence. She is affiliated with IZA in Bonn and the Department of Public Finance at the University of Innsbruck. She is a member of the Academia Europaea. She combines behavioral models and experimental methods to study topics in labor economics and public economics, including dishonest behavior and motivation. She has been the Vice-President Europe of the Economic Science Association (ESA), founding President of the French Association of Experimental Economics (ASFEE), President of the French Economic Association and Director of GATE. She is co-Editor in chief of Experimental Economics ; Associate Editor of Management Science, Journal of the Economic Science Association, Journal of Neurosciences, Psychology and Economics ; former co-editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization ; former member of the board of Journal of Public Economic Theory, Journal of Economic Psychology, Australian Journal of Labour Economics.

A detailed CV is available here.