GATE-LAB was founded and is headed by Marie Claire Villeval, Research Professor, CNRS. 

The lab manager is Quentin Thevenet, engineer, CNRS.

The team includes 8 researchers, 2 engineers, 5 associated members and 13 post-docs and PhD students.

Marie Claire Villeval

Research Professor, CNRS / Director of GATE-LAB Behavior, Incentives, Dishonesty, Social Preferences

Quentin Thévenet

Lab Manager / Experiment Programmer

Tel. : (33)0472866094 E-mail :

Brice Corgnet

Associate Professor, EMLYON Business School Organizational Economics; Behavioral Finance;

Camille Cornand

Research Professor, CNRS Macroeconomics, Coordination Games, Information,

Fabio Galeotti

Research Associate Professor, CNRS Personnel Economics, Social Norms, Emotions,

Walid Hichri

Associate Professor, University of Lyon Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Public Economics

Mateus Joffily

Research Engineer, CNRS Decision-making, Emotions, Learning, Brain,

Julie Rosaz

Associate Professor, University of Lyon Social Preferences, Risk and Time, Commitment,

Benoît Tarroux

Professor, University of Lyon Individual choice, Well-being, Social justice,

Adam Zylbersztejn

Associate Professor, University of Lyon Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Game

Zhixin Dai

Associate Member, Assistant Professor, Renmin University (Beijing) Experimental Economics, Behavioral economics, Audit Policy

John Hamman

Associate Professor, Florida State University Organizational and Managerial Economics, Behavioral

Valeria Maggian

Associate Member, Assistant Professor at University of Venice Experimental economics, Dishonesty, Cheating,

Aldo Rustichini

Associate Member, Professor, University of Minnesota (Minneapolis) Decision Theory, Neuroeconomics, Experimental analysis of

Krista Saral

Associate Member, Assistant Professor, Webster University (Geneva) Auctions, Entrepreneurship, Teams, Experimental

Fortuna Casoria

Post-doctoral researcher, University of Lyon Experimental Economics, Behavior, Institutions, Social

João V. Ferreira

Post-doctoral researcher, University of Lyon Behavioural & experimental economics, Individual

Julien Bénistant

PhD student Antisocial Behavior, Social Identity, Neuroeconomics

Thomas Garcia

PhD student Signal Detection Theory, Medical decision making,

Chrisa Gresset

PhD student Behavioral finance, Experimental methods,

Valentin Guigon

PhD student Behavioral economics, behavioral neurosciences,

Sorravich Kingsuwankul

PhD student Experimental methods, Behavioral economics,

Maxime Le Bihan

PhD student Labor Economics, Job search, experimental economics,

Claire Rimbaud

PhD student Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics,

Charlotte Saucet

PhD student Motivated Beliefs, Group Decision-making, Information

Alice Solda

PhD student experimental economics, exclusion, reintegration,

Rémi Suchon

PhD student Experimental economics, Discrimination, Social mobility

Vincent Théroude

PhD student Behavioural Econonomics, Experimental Economics,