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EyeTrack-Lab is composed of a high performance PC for behavioral studies with simultaneous recording of eye-tracking (SR-Research EyeLink 1000Plus) and electrophysiological (Biopac MP150) responses in individual subjects. The lab is composed of an experimental room with temperature and light controlled and acoustically isolated, and a second room with the equipment for controlling the experiment.

The eye-tracking system allows eye gaze and pupil size to be recorded and analyzed in real-time with high accuracy (1000Hz sampling rate, 0.25-0.5 degrees average accuracy, 0.05-0.01 degrees RMS resolution and 1.8msec average latency).

The Biopac MP150-WSW acquisition system allows up to sixteen different electrophysiological responses to be recorded simultaneously, such as skin conductance, heart rate and respiration.

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